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Ground Cats | Landscaping and Surfacing Services

Ground Cats offers reliable, high-quality landscaping and landscape maintenance services, carried out by professionals. Whether you need landscaping, ground planning or paving services or want to rent BobCat loaders or mini excavators, contact us and together we will find the best solution for you!

We also offer support services and transportation. Click here to find out more.







As we all know, an eye-catching garden is the best calling card – and they are our specialty. Our specialists have plenty of experience in all kinds of landscaping, so we are willing and able to take on even large, complex projects. Landscaping that your neighbours will envy!

Ground planning

Quality surface cover, be it lawn or pavement, begins with careful planning. We have ample experience in preparing the ground and levelling it, whether it be levelled or sloped ground. Trust only the best, because skilful, high-quality planning allows subsequent work to be carried out more economically and minimises extra costs!

Paving Stones

Paving stones are a good choice for covering front yards, driveways, courtyards, squares, streets and terraces – they are beautiful, durable and, when installed properly, can withstand great pressure. We know exactly how the surface should be prepared for paving and how we can provide you with effective, high-quality solutions according to your wishes.

BobCat Rent

Here you will find the equipment you need for your next project. We offer a wide range of BobCat loaders and mini excavators for rent, all renowned for their reliability. We have equipment of various widths and lift heights for a variety of tasks. We offer affordable prices and experienced drivers!


+372 5679 2792

Mahtra 6, Tallinn, 13811

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