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Toakraam is a furniture line representing a collection of cosy country and farmhouse-style handcrafted furniture and other items. We make no compromises when crafting these products. Both the materials we use and the way we craft them are fair.

We use well-known pinewood, which is further enhanced by the flaxseed oil products we use for finishing. Simple items are made unique via the aged surface finish. You can also order our models with painted decorations that perfectly match the aging finish.

We will take all of your wishes into account and craft a unique item for you!

You can buy our products from Võluvad Asjad store on the shopping street at Telliskivi Creative City in Tallinn and, since the start of this year, also from the Loomekombinaat handicraft and art store, the Krahvinna Kamber furnishings store and the online store.






Coat Racks with Shelves

Our customers' favourite, these romantic country-style coat racks come with shelves. Our coat racks will bring a little bit of nostalgia into your life. Do you still remember a time when your parents sent you to your grandma's for summer and once you made it there you were greeted by warm pancakes with strawberry jam and cold milk? Before you could start eating them, grandma would hang your jacket on the lovely off-yellow coat rack, next to her red raincoat. We remember all this, and in order to remind you of these wonderful memories, we will make you that lovely coat rack with shelves.

Custom Furniture

We also make custom furniture. If you have a great idea but don’t have the skills or time to complete make something of it, tell us and we will help you fulfil it. We have made wardrobes, kitchen furniture, TV tables and more. On the left is an example of a customised TV table (the colour of which was based on the wallpaper).


We use solid wood fittings made via woodturning that are finished along with the rest of the product. Their price is already included in that of the product. The same models also come with metal fittings. We provide a selection of hooks you can purchase as well. We can also use the fittings you provide. Metal furniture parts are usually long-lasting and can withstand reattachment.

Colour Shades

e use unique aging technology when finishing our products. Our colour range includes eye-catching ultramarine and deep bottle green, traditional Estonian farmhouse yellow and romantic pastel colours: cream, pink and light blue. You can pick any of the colours we offer for all of our products!




Our client service is more than happy to answer Your questions!

To contact us choose one of the icons from above or leave us a quick Facebook message using the button below.